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For your IoT Projects; We produce ideas, solutions and results

A new production environment will be created with interconnected production machines and human interaction with the vision of the future of production, and manufacturers, researchers and governments will work together to build the digital factories of the future. The “Connected System” team is your biggest assistant in choosing the right solutions and technologies you need for digital transformation, thanks to their experience in the field of telecommunications and technology for more than 20 years…

  • international experience

  • Integration and engineering

  • Flexible structure and 3rd party applications

  • Vertical markets and field experience

Image by Katthy K. Mal

Connected Systems Mission


IoT & IIoT Module Development


Vertical Solutions & Services


Worked Project


IoT&Edge Platform Released

Data Analytics with CSIP IoT Platform

CSIP, a new generation, continuously learning IoT platform development tool, offers a unique experience thanks to the machine learning algorithms it contains.

  • Wide Sectoral Experience

  • Professional Consulting

  • PoC and Demo Environment

  • IoT and Digitization Analysis

  • Process and editing services with sectoral experience teams that analyze the IoT, Digitalization and Industry x.0 processes of institutions.

  • More than 100 worked projects

  • Sectoral Specializations

  • Project Setup and Management

  • Digital Twin

  • A digital twin is defined as a virtual model of the behavior and results of a physical product or service in the real world. In simpler terms, the digital twin; It is a virtual model of a process, product or service.

  • Digital Twin Consulting

  • Industry X.0 Processes

Our Value Proposition

Welcome to the World of Truth


IoT Project compliance analysis

Existing facilities, the ability of IT and other business units to work in coordination with each other.


Safe Technological Architecture Selection

Hybrid Solution Understanding

Choosing the Right Communication Technology

Transparent Consulting


Smart City Solutions

IoT System Integration

Digital Logistics & Supply Chain

Smart Energy

Digital Airports Solutions

Smart Building Management & Efficient Facility Management solutions

Resolution Commitment

We are committed to providing secure, reliable and cost-effective Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for our customers. We strive to stay at the forefront of the industry by staying up to date on the latest technology and trends.


Our organization is a leading provider of IoT solutions and services. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for businesses, organizations and consumers to connect and manage their devices, data and services. 

Our Business Partners

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