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We Provide Ideas, Solutions and Results for Your IoT Projects

Invest in the technology you need, not the cheap one!

Radar sistemi

IoT System Integration

Unlike the classical system integrator, we offer solutions that bring together all the components in the field of IoT, Industry X.0 and Digitization and address the real need.

  • Digitization needs analysis

  • Manufacturer/Brand independent approach

  • Investing in what is needed

  • Efficiency and savings oriented result

IoT Connectivity (Communication) Solutions

IoT stakeholders looking for connectivity solutions include radio and chipset manufacturers, platform vendors, device manufacturers, and companies in various industries that purchase IoT-enabled products for their own use or for sale to the public. These companies can now choose from more than 30 different connection options with different bandwidth, range, cost, reliability and network management features. This wide variety, combined with the ever-evolving technology requirements, creates a dilemma. If stakeholders bet on one connectivity option and the other becomes dominant, IoT devices, applications, and solutions can quickly become obsolete. If they hesitate to see how the connectivity landscape evolves, they may lag behind more aggressive competitors.

Image by Karim MANJRA

Project Consultant of the Digital World

The Internet of Things is constantly creating new opportunities for enterprises in the value chain. With the development of new generation connection technologies, businesses have to develop new plans in order to keep the potential created by these opportunities.

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